C&O Canal Thru-Hike – Overview

I turn 50 this year!

To commemorate, I will thru-hike the C&O Canal. I have always had a love of the outdoors – and a love for self improvement. While I’ve had the dream of thru-hiking the Canal since my early 30’s – my desire was rekindled a few years back when reading Mark Divine‘s “The Way of the Seal.” Mark emphasizes the value of significant physical efforts to help forge mental toughness.

“By holding them accountable to a standard they never thought attainable, they learn that their physical limits are actually determined by their mental limits.”

Mark Divine

This will be my first long-distance hike, and I really have no idea where to start or how to prepare.

Accordingly – I will use this blog to capture preparation, training, coordination, execution, and lessons learned. I hope this information may be useful to those who wish to make the same journey.

Shout out to the Hikengripen and HoboKitten sites. Your posts have been instrumental in getting me started! REI’s Expert Advice articles are also immeasurably useful. I’ll commit to procuring all needed supplies from REI given the contributions they’ve made to this trip!

These pages are a work in progress, and each is likely to change until after the trip concludes. I envision the following articles:

1 – Location
2 – Gear (including shoes!)
3 – Food and Water
4 – Training
5 – Getting Ready
6 – Lessons Learned