Breaking Quarantine

After 14 days of quarantine, it’s time to get some!

Jocelyn and I have been extremely careful during the COVID-19 crisis. We have three young kids and do NOT want to get sick!

Beginning mid-March we barely left our yard. In today’s age virtually anything can be delivered, so there was little need to go out. With me working from home and the kids taking classes online there was little need to leave the house. Sure, we would go on afternoon walks (with masks on), or play in the yard – but there was little venturing out. Live contact with other humans was virtually nonexistent.

So when it came time to head up to Maine we didn’t think twice about the two-week quarantine we’d have to do when we got here. Two weeks – that’s nothin’!

Where we are staying is fabulous. There’s a dock on the water for swimming. Just down the road is a point that juts out into the ocean where the kids can play. Down the road is a tree house they can use. And on free days there are miles of beautiful roads to drive…

But for the most part it was just as it was at home – staying sequestered – doing our part.

This Wednesday marked our 14th day of quarantine and we wanted to treat the kids to a little awesomeness. Doughnuts. Since mid-March, we had gotten doughnuts only once. They LOVE doughnuts. So at 7 a.m. we packed them in the car and hit the drive-through!

Doughnuts never taste better than they do after 14 days of quarantine!
Breaking Quarantine!

Mission accomplished – happy kids!

They are doing online camps this summer, so we will be relegated to afternoon outings. I’m certain, however, that we will have plenty of fun for the rest of the month!